Safintra Roofing (India) Limited is a public limited company incorporated in the Indian Subcontinent. It is a part of a Multinational entity, the Safal Group of Africa.

Safintra adds a new dimension to the world of roofing and cladding. It is a global roofing supplier providing customized roofing solutions. You can forget about the worn out old standards of the past and welcome a range of roofing products that permits a wide range of custom design specification.

Our production processes are specifically designed to allow flexibility all the way down the line.  Our technical people are waiting to help you at any point of time irrespective of the requirement you have for roofing sheets or wall cladding.

Our roofing accessories are produced by sophisticated equipment to facilitate the highest degree of accuracy. “Bend it, bullnose it”, do what you want with it, Safintra allows a free range of expression in what used to be a safe, unimaginative area of design.

Safintra manufactures a wide range of roofing sheets profiled in various materials and manufactures all the roofing accessories to offer a total building solution for your roofing & wall cladding requirement. Safintra has state of the art facilities worldwide to provide customized roofing solutions to you. 

The products illustrated are an indication of the wide range of standard roofing accessories available from Safintra Roofing.

So give us your requirements, and let’s turn your ideas into reality.


Corporate Profile

Safintra Roofing India Limited is a public limited company incorporated in the Indian Subcontinent and is a joint venture between two Multinational entities, the Safal Group of Africa and Octamec Group of India.

The Safal Group is the leading manufacturer of flat and long steel products in Eastern and Southern Africa. The Group has State-of-the-Art Metal Coating facilities in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and Colour coating facilities in South Africa and Kenya. Safal is the first organization in Africa to have set up the Aluminium-Zinc coating technology. The Group has downstream Roll forming operations in 12 countries in Sub Saharan Africa under the Safintra umbrella.

The Group manufacturers a wide range of products including cold rolled steel and aluminium coils, galvanized steel coils, pre-painted steel coils, galvanized pipes and hollow sections conforming to both local and international standards. 

The roll-forming operations manufacture profiled roofing sheets and roofing accessories and offer solutions to the roofing industry through technical expertise available within the group. A wide range of products are exported to Africa, Asia, Europe and America.

The Octamec Group, having more than two decades of experience, is one of the leading manufacturers in the world of steel pre-engineered structures, specializing in Space Frame Structures and Tensile / Membrane Structures. Located in India, Octamec has global operational capabilities with unmatched design quality and reliability.

Octamec has a vast pool of highly qualified and trained engineering workforce and is in a strong position to offer value added services at competitive prices.

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