S5 K Grip Mini Clamps
S5 clamps and brackets are a unique solution for easy attachment of any external element to the roof without damaging the external area of the roof. These innovative products avoid leakages and ensure the life of the roof is not compromised. S5 clamps are engineered for attaching all kinds of rooftop accessories: Solar Panels, signs, walkways, satellite dishes, antennas, rooftop lighting, and lightning protection systems, mechanical equipment etc. S5 clamps allow for the installation of accessories such as solar panels without needing to perforate the metal roof thus preserving the sheet warranty.

Safintra Roofing provides specific clamps to suit each of our roofing profiles.

S-5-K Grip Mini Clamp is suitable for our clip lock Saflok 700 profile -:
• S5 clamps are non-penetrating clamps for concealed fix systems. The clamps attach to the roof panel by tightening of bullet nosed setscrews against the seam.
• Inserts used for the profile allows a tight fit and provides increased holding strength for the profile.
• Compatible with aluminium zinc coated steel
• S5 clamps are made from High tensile aluminium and non-ferrous stainless steel hardware
• S5 clamps also improve wind uplift performance and can double wind resistance at a minimal cost

S5 Z mini clamps are designed for our standing seam Safzip profile -:
• The S-5-Z Mini is a medium-duty non-penetrating seam clamp that is compatible with our Safzip profile
• Its design allows it to be easily installed anywhere along the length of the rib
• The patented setscrews slightly dimple the metal seam material leaving puncture-less roof
• Compatible with most common metal roofing materials excluding copper.

S5 Protea brackets are designed to work with Versatile and Comax 1000 roofing sheets -:
• Protea brackets have an adjustable attachment base to accommodate varying width and height of the roofing profile
• The bracket comes with factory applied, adhesive rubber sealant thus ensuring quick installation and weather – proof fit.

S5 Trap brackets are designed to work with Trimflute Roofing Sheet -:
• The Trap Bracket comes with a factory applied EPDM rubber gasket seal already on the base, and the S-5 Patented reservoir conceals the EPDM from UV exposure, preventing drying and cracks.
• The Trap Bracket is mounted directly onto the crown of the panel, straddling the profile
• Trap Bracket attach almost anything to the exposed-fastener trapezoidal roof profiles.
• No messy sealants to apply on the Trap bracket, the factory-applied EPDM rubber gasket weather-proofs and makes installation easy.
• It can be used for almost any attachment.