Ridge Ventilator
Ridge ventilators are ventilators that are installed at the peak of a roof, allowing warm, humid air to escape the building. They provide evenly distributed ventilation along the entire underside of the roof of a building.

Safintra Roofing provides Ridge Ventilators designed specifically to meet the architectural requirements of modern industrial designs. The design of the ridge ventilator is compatible with the Safzip standing seam and Saflok 700 roofing systems provided by Safintra Roofing. The ridge ventilators render an easy fit on the roof without causing any damage to it. Especially design Soaker plate of higher thickness is used for installation of Ridge ventilators. They can be used on industrial warehouses, industrial plants, factory sheds, and any other large industrial buildings.

The ridge ventilators can be made either from 0.50 mm TCT Pre-Painted Galvalume material with AZ150 coating, or 0.50 mm TCT Pre Painted Galvanized material with Z120 coating or bare material 0.47mm TCT with AZ 150 coating, as per the requirement of the consumer.

Advantages of Safintra Ventilators:-
- They are covered with a bird mesh, to restrict the entry of birds in the ventilator.
- They are assembled to provide a leak proof ventilation solution.
- They enable easy installation on the roof.