Louvres with horizontal slats are angled to admit light and air into the building. They help to keep out rain, direct sunshine, and noise. The standard dimensions of the Louvres produced by Safintra Roofing are 2.5 x 1.2 meters and are made from either 0.50 mm Pre Painted Galvalume with AZ150 coating, or 0.50 mm Pre Painted Galvanised Iron with Z120 coating. The Louvres can be custom made to the client’s specification in different sizes and shapes as well.

Advantages of Safintra Louvres:-

1] Incorporate 5-10 mm Hemming to increase the strength of the product
2] Louvre fixing is done with Standard Method using Aluminium Rivets and screw fixing (GI screw).
3] Provided in any standard colour as per requirement of the customer.