Product Description & Features
Smartroof is a range of Roofing and Wall cladding products from Safintra Roofing India Ltd. Smartroof Steel sheets are manufactured to International Quality Standards for roofing and cladding in Industrial and Residential buildings. It provides the highest amount of coating on the roofing sheets in comparison to others in the industry. One can have 150 GSM Aluminium Zinc coated roof and 120 GSM Zinc coated roof. Smartroof Products are produced and supplied by Safintra Roofing (India) Ltd, the leader in Metal Roofing Solutions for large Industrial and Residential projects in India. Safintra associates with a large distributor’s network to provide Smartroof roofing solution in Western part of India. Smartroof comprises of two different profiles – Smartroof Box profile and Smartroof Tile shaped profile

Smartroof Box Profile
The long flute gives the Smartroof Box profile its strength along with long spanning capabilities. It can be used as roofing as well as cladding profile. The general shape and appearance of the square flutes ensures that it is suitable for use as both roof and wall cladding. The square flutes of this type sheet ensure excellent drainage characteristics. The long flutes provide an aesthetically pleasing look. This type of roof can be factory cranked, curved and bullnosed to a wide range of radii.

Smartroof Tile Shaped Profile
Smartroof’s Tile shaped Roof is a premium range roofing profile that give the look of tiles. It is available in Pre-painted Galvanised Steel, Pre-painted Aluminium-Zinc Coated Steel, with long life unmatched by other Tile Profiles. All this provide a classy, lightweight, durable and beautiful Roofing product that is ideal for the most discerning user.