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Product Description & Features
Safzip Self Supported conceal halter standing seam roofing system. Safzip offers a perfect system solution with limitless design potential, state of the art production technology, ultimate product quality, innovative material combination and harmonious integration of shape, colors and surfaces. Safzip is an advanced zip-up` standing seam system that creates a continuous weather tight roof. The side laps are zipped up` in conjunction with a unique halter system that is fixed directly to the supporting structure without penetrating the external weather sheet. This method of secret fixing creates a structurally sound roof construction that provides excellent resistance to wind uplift.
Renowned for its outstanding aesthetic properties and performance characteristics, standing seam roofing systems offer the specifier contractor a cost-effective construction solution with numerous benefits.
Safzip can be manufactured on-site which allows roofs to be constructed using very long sheet lengths. This eliminates the need for any end laps and considerably increases the speed of construction.
Offering the ultimate in design flexibility, Safzip is available in Aluminum, Galvanized, Galvalume and can be smooth, crimped or concave curved; tapered or wave formed.
With potential changes to the Building Regulations / Technical Standards, Safzip standing seam systems easily comply with the stringent performance standards proposed over the next few years.
  1. On site profile

    On site profile
  2. Rigidity

  3. Strength

  4. Light Weight

    Light Weight
  5. Design Flexibility

    Design Flexibility
  6. Maintenance Free

    Maintenance Free
  7. Puncherless Roofing

    Puncherless Roofing
  8. Architecturally Attractive

    Architecturally Attractive
  9. Long Spanning Capabilities

    Long Spanning Capabilities
  10. Weather Ability & Durability

    Weather Ability & Durability
  11. Fully Trained Installation Teams

    Fully Trained Installation Teams
Galvanised / PPGI
Gauge (mm)
0.60 to 0.80

Z 120 245 Mpa
Z 120 245 Mpa
Z 275 245 Mpa
Galvalume / PPGL
Gauge (mm)
0.47 to 0.80

AZ 70 245 Mpa
AZ 100 245 Mpa
AZ 150 245 Mpa
Gauge (mm)
0.80 to 1.20

Mill Finish - Stucco

Note : A length variation range of ± 5.0 mm, and width tolerance of ± 3.0 mm is permissible.


Sheet Width
Safzip 300
300 mm
65 mm
300 mm
Safzip 400
400 mm
65 mm
400 mm
Safzip 500
500 mm
65 mm
500 mm

Note :We sell all our profiles on cover width basis.