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Product Description & Features
Comax 1000 is an angular trapezoidal fluted roofing sheet. Its bold appearance makes it both attractive and practical. It has become the most popular sheeting used in the construction of commercial and industrial buildings. The number "1000" signifies the sheets effective cover width. The general shape and appearance of the trapezoidal flutes ensure that Comax 1000 is totally acceptable for use as roof and wall cladding. The deep and broad flutes of Comax 1000 type sheeting ensure excellent drainage characteristics.
Comax 1000 is designed to provide the most advantageous load/span characteristics. Comax 1000 offers the end user stiffening ribs in the sheet which help to remove oil canning from the broad flute.
Comax 1000 can be factory cranked, curved and bullnosed to a wide range of radii. For further details contact our Technical Department.
  1. Rigidity

  2. Strength

  3. Light Weight

    Light Weight
  4. Design Flexibility

    Design Flexibility
  5. Maintenance Free

    Maintenance Free
  6. Architecturally Attractive

    Architecturally Attractive
  7. Long Spanning Capabilities

    Long Spanning Capabilities
  8. Weather Ability & Durability

    Weather Ability & Durability
  9. Fully Trained Installation Teams

    Fully Trained Installation Teams
Galvanised / PPGI
Gauge (mm)
0.40 to 0.80

Z 120 245 / 345 Mpa
Z 180 245 / 345 Mpa
Z 275 245 / 345 Mpa
Galvalume / PPGL
Gauge (mm)
0.40 to 0.80

AZ 70 300 / 550 Mpa
AZ 100 300 / 550 Mpa
AZ 150 300 / 550 Mpa
Gauge (mm)
0.60 to 1.20

Mill Finish
Stucco Embossed
Colour Coated

Note : A length variation range of ± 5.0 mm, and width tolerance of ± 3.0 mm is permissible.


Sheet Width
Comax 1000
1000 mm
35 mm
200 mm

Note :We sell all our profiles on cover width basis.