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Product Description & Features
Saflok 700 is an angular interlocking standing seam trapezoidal rib profile roofing sheet, with roll formed on our stationary and mobile mills from our various material Specification options.
Saflok 700 is an angular interlocking trapezoidal rib profile with a net cover width of 700 mm.

Saflok 700 has a unique clipping system, which combines both strength and agility to enable the material to expand and contract under normal circumstances with no damage to the material. The bends on the clip allows flexibility whilst still providing sheer strength. The clip allows positive interlocking on all flutes and interlock with each other allowing easy alignment of the material.

The fully interlocking Saflok 700 clip is to incorporate two anchors to clasp the two inner ribs and a dual action component to positively hold down the male-female joint. For any further specifications please contact our technical department.
  1. On site profile

    On site profile
  2. Rigidity

  3. Strength

  4. Light Weight

    Light Weight
  5. Design Flrxibility

    Design Flrxibility
  6. Maintenance Free

    Maintenance Free
  7. Puncherless Roofing

    Puncherless Roofing
  8. Architecturally Attractive

    Architecturally Attractive
  9. Long Spanning Capabilities

    Long Spanning Capabilities
  10. Weather Ability & Durability

    Weather Ability & Durability
  11. Fully Trained Installation Teams

    Fully Trained Installation Teams
Galvanised / PPGI
Gauge (mm)
0.40 to 0.80

Z 120 550 Mpa
Z 180 550 Mpa
Z 275 550 Mpa
Galvalume / PPGL
Gauge (mm)
0.40 to 0.80

AZ 70 550 Mpa
AZ 100 550 Mpa
AZ 150 550 Mpa
Gauge (mm)
0.60 to 0.80

Mill Finish
Stucco Embossed


Sheet Width
Saflok 700
700 mm
43 mm
233 mm