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Wasan Motors roofed with Safzip Roofing Sheet


 Wasan Group dealing in automobiles chose Safintra Roofing India for supplying it with its standing seam roofing solution for their new showroom and workshop in Panvel, Mumbai.

Safintra Roofing used Safzip sheet with 0.47mm thickness, a standing seam roofing system, for the showroom and workshop at panvel. To complement the architectural aesthetic of the workshop, Bare Galvalume Safzip roofing sheets were used which gave the workshop a flawless appearance. Here, the unique Double skin system was used, wherein to enhance the Thermal efficiency of the roof, an Insulation panel is installed in between the Liner and the Safzip roofing sheet that was used as the top layer. The material of liner used was Trimflute sheet, Bare Galvalume with 0.47 mm thickness.

Safzip sheets were Roll Formed at factory and transported to the site for construction, thus considerably increasing the speed of the construction. Trimflute sheets were also roll formed in factory and transported to the site. On average 2102 sq. Mtr of Safzip sheets and 1073 sq. mtr. Of Trimflute were produced for this project. The longest length of the sheet used is 12 meter.

Project Information:

Sector: Automobiles | Product Use: Safzip 65/400 (0.47 mm) | Color of Top sheet: Bare | Location: Panvel, Mumbai | Year: 2012