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Crimped Roofing sheet used to roof Ganpat University, Gujarat

When Ganpat University, Kherva were looking for suppliers of quality roofing sheets for constructing their new building, they selected Safintra Roofing for providing its indispensable roofing solutions.

Ganpat University used Trimflute, a square fluted roofing sheet made from Pre Painted Galvanized Iron 0.50mm, permitting excellent drainage characteristics, for roofing of their building. The colour used was Dove White. The Trimflute sheet used provided an exceptional resistance to corrosion thus increasing the life span of the roof while thelongflutesgavetheprofileitsstrengthwith longspanningcapabilities. Being flexible to any kind of design, the Trimflute sheets were crimped to match the artistic need and to provide the building with a beautiful sloped roof.

The Trimflute sheets used were roll formed and crimped at the Safintra factory and sent to the construction site for installation. The maximum length of sheet installed was 6 meter for this project.

Safintra Roofing’s skills and dedication towards the project rendered Ganpat University with the roof they required, in terms of incomparable quality.

Sector: Education sector | Product Use: Trimflute, 26.5/203, PPGI (0.50) |Color of Top sheet: Dove White | Location: Kherva, Gujarat| Year: 2014