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Safzip used to roof Balmer Lawrie plant in Taloja

When Balmer Lawrie was establishing their Industrial Packaging plant in Taloja, near Mumbai they choose Safintra Roofing India to provide it with an indispensible roofing solution. Balmer Lawrie is one of Government of India’s public sector units,and a market leader in Steel Barrels, Industrial Greases & Specialty Lubricants, Corporate Travel and Logistics Services.

Safintra India used Safzip 65/400 Pre Painted Galvalume sheet with 0.5mm thickness of Dove white colour, a standing seam roofing system, for construction of the roof. Safzip a unique zip-up standing seam roofing system provided the plant with a continuous weather tight roof. Further, the method of secret fixing formed a structurally sound roof that provided an excellent resistance to wind uplift. In order to enhance the Thermal efficiency of the roof, an Insulation panel was installed in between the Liner and the Safzip roofing sheet by Safintra India.

The Safzip sheet used was Roll Formed in the Safintra Factory and transported to the plant site. A total of 9265 Sq meter of Safzip Sheet were produced for this project, the maximum length of the sheet being 14.65 meter.

Safintra India’s unique and swift approach to this project allowed it to be completed on time providing Balmer Lawrie with the roof they required in terms of aesthetic and quality.

Project Information:

Sector: Public Sector | Product Use: Safzip 65/400 (0.50 mm) | Color of Top sheet: Dove White | Location: Taloja, Mumbai, India | Year: 2013