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Comax 1000 used in roofing Linhoff India (PVT) Ltd


Linhoff India (PVT) Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Asphalt Mixing Plant since 1919, recognized as one of the world’s oldest names in quality & reliable Asphalt Plants and one of the most respected brands today. Based out of Singapore, when it wanted to start its new plant in Khed near Pune, India, it chose Safintra Roofing for providing it with its impeccable solutions for Roofing and Cladding.

Safintra Roofing used Comax 1000, 0.50, PPGL in Yellow and Grey Colour and 0.47 in Bare Galvalume for this project. Comax 1000, which provides the most advantageous load / span characteristics, also offers the end user stiffening ribs having a height of 35mm in the sheet which helps in attaining the rigidity that is required for the construction of the roof. It also provides immense drainage characteristics which is an added advantage during the monsoons. The roofing sheets are crimped in the corners to match the plants design. Polycarbonate sheet were also provided and used for the Skylight, enabling the sunlight to seep-in during the day time as well as to curb the noise from within the plant.

A total quantity of 14317 sq meter of Comax 1000 sheet is produced and utilized in this project, max length of the sheet being 11.55 meter. The roofing sheets were roll formed in Safintra factory and was supplied for its construction.

Safintra India’s guidance and skills of speedy production helped Linhoff India (PVT) Ltd achieve the roof appropriate for their plant.

Project Information:

Sector: Government |Product used: COMAX 1000, 35/ 500, PPGL| Color of the Top Sheet: Bare Galvalume | Location: Khed, Maharashtra | Year: 2014