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Stucco Embossed Aluminium Safzip sheet used to roof Endress Hauser, Aurangabad


Endress+Hauser - a leading supplier of industrial measurement and automation equipment, chose Safintra Roofing (India) for supplying Safzip and Trimflute roofing sheet for the roofing of their factory.

Safintra India used Safzip 65/400 Aluminium sheet 0.9mm thickness, a standing seam roofing system, for the roof of the factory and Trimflute, a square fluted roofing sheet made from Pre Painted Galvanized Iron 0.50 mm thickness, of Dove White and Blue Whale color for cladding. To complement the architectural aesthetic of the building, Safzip stucco embossed aluminium sheets were used which reduced the light reflecting ability of the metal and gave the factory a beautiful and high class appearance. The cladding of the wall was done using Trimflute roofing sheets. Crimped Trimflute sheets were also used in roofing. The sheets were straight as well as reverse crimped to match the aesthetic needs of the factory.

Here, the unique Double skin system was used, wherein to enhance the Thermal efficiency of the roof, an Insulation panel is installed in between the Liner and the Safzip roofing sheet that was used as the top layer. The material of liner used was Trimflute sheet, PPGL with 0.50 mm thickness..

Safzip sheets used were roll formed onsite to enable long lengths sheets to be produced, thus allowing for minimal end laps and hence reducing any risk of leakage. Trimflute were roll formed in Safintra factory and sent to the site. A total of 2914 sqmetre of Safzip sheets and 3180 sq metre of Trimflute sheets were manufactured and used in this project. The maximum length of the Safzip sheet manufactured is 25.85 mtrs.

Safintra India’s unique approach to this project not only allowed for it to be completed on time and also provided Endress+Hauser with the roof they required in terms of quality.

Project Information:

Sector: Automation Sector | Product Use: Safzip 65/400 Aluminium sheet 0.9mm thickness, Trimflute, 26.5/203, PPGI (0.50) |Color of Top sheet: Bare Aluminum | Location: Aurangabad, Maharashtra| Year: 2011