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Safintra Roofing invests in improved customized flashings and accessories

Safintra Roofing is pleased to inform that it now provides its customers with up to 6 meter long flashings and accessories following their investment in a state of the art new Folder.The new Folder will further improve Safintra’s services by allowing faster supply of accessories and longer lengths.

Flashings and accessories are made for particular applications on the roof, with variations to suit the specific profile that are being used. They are metal shaped sheets which are attached to a roof for strengthening, reinforcing,weatherproofing or for adding aesthetic value to the joints and angles of a roof. Flashings can be   used as weatherproof  shielding around objects which protrude from the roof of a building (such as pipes and chimneys, or the edges of other roofs) in order to deflect water away from the seams. It can also be used on the top edges of doors or windows where they protrude from a wall.

Safintra Roofing provides consumers with customized solutions in terms of flashing and accessories of international quality. The new machine used by Safintra enables both cutting and folding and isin turn fitted with a clamping system, which holds the plate in position for better accuracy. Safintra Roofing’s new machine does not require any manual changing of tools, thus reducing the operating time on the folding machine considerably and ensuring faster delivery to the customers. The maximum length of the flashing produced can be of 6 meter with thickness of the folding steel sheet 1.0mm (max) and that of the folding aluminum sheet being 10mm (max). The flashing produced can be folded to customized angle wherein small variation in material thickness does not affect the bending angle on a folding machine.

With this new investment, Safintra continues to improve the levels of service and quality of products supplied to our customers.