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Saflok 700 used for Roofing Magnet Mall, Mumbai


When Neptune developers were looking for a water-tight roofing solution for their upcoming luxury Mall in Mumbai, they selected Saflok 700 with a Comax 1000 liner to provide them with a long lasting maintenance free solution with excellent insulation capability.

Safintra Roofing used Saflok700, an angular interlocking trapezoidal rib profile in Bare Galvalume with 0.50mm thickness for the outer skin. COMAX 1000, an angular trapezoidal profile in Bare Galvalume with 0.50mm thickness was used as the liner for covering the inner skin of this project.

The unique Double Skin system provided many benefits for roofing the mall. Firstly, to enhance the Thermal efficiency of the roof, an Insulation panel was installed in between the Liner and the Saflok 700 sheet which was used as the Top layer. The aesthetics of the building were enhanced by the use of the clip lock roofing system which allowed for a perforation free roof with a low gradient slope. Finally, the absence of perforations meant that the Roofing Solution provided would ensure a long maintenance free life for the roofing sheets.

The sheets used were Roll formed in the Safintra Factory and transported to the construction site as per the project requirement. A total of 3020.67 sq meter of Saflok 700 sheet and 3041.65 sq meter of Comax1000 sheet were manufactured and used in this project. The maximum length of sheet manufactured was 11 meters.

Saflok 700 uses a special interlocking clip for its Installation. The Saflok clips have been developed internationally over a period of 20 years, following substantial Research and Development and are imported into India under license. The Saflok clip allows the Roofing material to expand and contract with both strength and agility. It also allows a positive Interlocking on all the flutes for easy alignment of material and to ensure a very secure fix onto the roof. The bends on the clips allow flexibility to the sheet while still providing it sheer strength.

Project Information:

Sector: Recreational unit | Product Use: 43/233 Bare Galvalume (0.50mm) and COMAX 1000, 35/ 200 Bare Galvalume (0.50mm) |Colour of Top sheet: Bare Galvalume| Location: Mumbai, India | Year: 2010