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Comax 1000 used to Roof Cochin Port Trust, Kerela

Safintra Roofing India recently accomplished the roofing as well as wall cladding of Cochin Port. Cochin Port which lies on two islands - Lake of Kochi and Vallarpadam, is governed by the Cochin Port Trust (CPT), a government of India establishment. Safintra India used COMAX 1000, 35/ 200, PPGI roofing sheet of Royal Blue and Dove White Color for this Project.

Comax 1000, which provides the most advantageous load / span characteristics, also offers the end user stiffening ribs having a height of 35mm in the sheet which helps in attaining the superior levels of rigidity that are required for the construction of the roof. A total quantity of 12000 sq meter of Comax sheet were produced and utilized in this Project, with the maximum length being 6.58 meter. The sheets were roll formed in Safintra factory and were supplied to Cochin for the construction of the building.

Sustaining its track record of fast and timely production and construction, Safintra India was able to complete the project successfully within 2 month from the time of Initiation.

 Project Information:

Sector: Government |Product used: COMAX 1000, 35/ 200, PPGI| Color of theTop Sheet: Royal Blue and Dove White | Location: Cochin, Kerela | Year: 2009