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A First in India - Tapered Galvalume Safzip Roofing sheets used for Goa Engineering College


In March 2013, after one and half months of production of the Tapered Safzip roofing sheets, Safintra Roofing India announced the completion of the roofing project for the Goa Engineering College (GEC) campus. GEC- is a government-run college in Goa, India, founded in 1967.It is the oldest engineering college in Goa. GEC has a wide spread campus with multiple Buildings for different departments and streams. GEC had planned to expand by incorporating a new building on the campus for sole use by the Mining and Engineering Streams. The structural design for this building in terms of roofing was very complex and challenging for any roofing vendor. Safintra India with its strong technical expertise executed this project in a way that makes this structure one of a kind within India.

Safintra India used Safzip 65/400 Bare Galvalumesheet of Firebrick color with 0.5mm thickness, a standing seam roofing system, for the roof. To meet the aesthetic needs of the design, the Safzip sheets were Tapered and then used to cover the building. The Tapering of the Roofing sheets was designed to complement the architectural complexity of the building. This is the first time it has been done in India and is one of a kind. To enhance the Thermal efficiency of the roof, an Insulation panel was installed in between the Liner and the Tapered Safziproofing sheet by Safintra India. The material of liner used was also Tapered Safzip sheets Bare Galvalume of 0.47mm thickness.

The Safzip Machine used for profiling was used in manufacturing the taperedGalvalume sheetsthat the project required, one of the unique qualities that Safintra Roofing can provide. Here, instead of transporting the readymade roofing sheets from the factory to the site, the machine itself was taken to the site and the Safzip sheets were Roll Formed onsite as per the Projects requirement, thus eliminating the need of any end laps and considerably increasing the speed of the construction. Also, keeping in mind the design and the architectural needs of GEC, Safintra India manufactured each sheet of different sizes required onsite. On average 700 meters of sheets were produced per day for this project, the maximum Sheet length being 19.29 meter.

SafintraIndia’s unique approach to this complex and challenging project not only allowed for it to be completed in one and a half months but also provided GEC with the roof they required, both in terms of aesthetics and quality!

Project Information:

Sector: Educational Institute | Product Use: Safzip 65/400 Bare Galvalume (0.47 mm as liner) | Color ofTop sheet: Firebrick color coated Galvalume with 0.5mm thickness | Location: Ponda, Goa, India | Year: 2012 – 13