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Safzip Profile Roofing Sheets used to crown Ford Plant at Sanand, Gujarat

After 3 years of planning, design and ongoing construction with an investment of 1.2 billion USD, Ford has announced eight new products by 2015 in India, and is in the process of building a plant with capacity to support the production plan. The Plant’s Engine Shop & TCF have visually striking appearance and are characterized by 225,000 of Safzip Galvalume standing seam single skin insulated roof.

Safintra Roofing Indiaused Safzip 65/400, Bare Galvalume (0.47) in this project. Here, the unique double skin system was used, wherein to enhance the thermal efficiency of the roof, an insulation panel is installed in between the liner and the Safzip roofing sheet that was used as the top layer. In this project the bottom layer used was weld mesh, which allowed the client to reduce the cost of the insulated roofing system.

Safzip Roofing Sheets of up to 120m were manufactured and used in this Project, which is one of the longest roofing sheet lengths manufactured in India in History. The biggest advantage of producing such long lengths is the elimination of leakage and hence corrosion which is normally found whenever roofing sheets is lapped at the ends. This, along with the puncture free Safzip system, results in a roof that is effectively leak proof and hence long lasting. The added advantage of using the Safzip roofing system is the ability to have a very flat roof with a gradient of only 3%, hence allowing for an aesthetically pleasing structure.

Instead of transporting the readymade roofing sheets from the factory to the site, the Safzip roll forming machine itself was taken to the site. Safzip sheets were roll formed onsite for the construction, thus considerably increasing the speed of the construction. Furthermore, instead of following the traditional method of using a “ramp” to pull the sheets to roof level, in this project a platform was created andthe Safzip machine was directly raised to the roof level for executing the project. The installation of the roofing sheets was hence carried out at a rate of 2000 sq meter/ day.


Project Information:

Sector: Automobile Sector | Product Use: Safzip 65/400, (0.47 mm) | Color of Top sheet: Natural Aluminium | Location: Sanand, Gujarat | Year: 2013