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Safintra clamps

 Safintra clamps & clips are unique solution for easy attachment of any external element to the roof without damaging the external area of the roof. These innovative products avoid leakages & ensure the life of the roof is not compromised. Safintra clamps are engineered for attaching all kinds of roof top accessories:  Solar panels, Walkways, Satellite dishes, Antennas, Roof top lighting, lightening arrestor, Sign boards , Mechanical  equipment’s, Life line systems, etc.


Product Description & Features


  • Application of highest-quality materials for a long product life cycle; Metallurgical compatibility with most metal roofs.
  • Simple design; Compatible grounding washer, mid- and end clamps.
  • Material: Aluminium alloy, stainless steel nuts and bolts.
  • Quick mounting on-site.
  • Connection without penetration of the roof through direct clamping to the seam.
  • Easy installation on any area of the roof.
  • Secure hold with just one operation process.
  • Reliable product design with perennial experience.
  • High and reliable delivery capacity.
  • Flexibility through Direct Rail.
  • Resistant to over-tightening as bolts and nuts are stainless steel (no aluminium thread).


Safintra Clamp – Safzip : Standing Seam Profile









Safintra Clamp – Saflok 700  : Clipon Profile





Safintra Clamp- Screw Fix  Profiles


For fast and easy installation of trapezoidal, Tile/ corrugated and sandwich roofs.


  • Individually adjustable for all framed modules
  • Very flexible
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Faster installation on site
  • A Rail system is not needed
  • Application of highest-quality materials for a long product life cycle
  • Proven product design through intensive development and test phases
  • High and reliable delivery capacity
  • Adjustable for every ledge spacing


Technical Data

Length of the profile

385 mm/adjustable to every ledge spacing

PolyCrip blind rivets

Aluminium-Stainless steel sealing rivets





Usable roof types

Trapezoidal, Corrugated & sandwich roofs

Usable module types

Framed modules


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