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Safintra conducts Saflok 700 - Installation & Safety training at M/s Mahindra & Mahindra, Nasik.

An in-house training for around 25 participants was conducted by M/s Safintra Roofing India Ltd. at M/s Mahindra & Mahindra’s – Nasik plant recently.





This presentation emphasized mainly on:-


Saflok 700 Installation procedures

Care & Storage of Profile sheets

New Developed Accessories related to Saflok 700 profile (Polyslider Clips, Saddle Washers, Foam Fillers for Ridge & Eaves, Ridge Closers and Sliding Brackets)

Do’s & Don’t procedures for Saflok installation.


Few Topics discussed in details are:-


1)      Product Description & Features:


  • Saflok 700 - concealed fix is an angular interlocking standing seam trapezoidal rib profile, roll formed on stationary and mobile mills from various material specification options.


• Saflok 700 is an angular interlocking trapezoidal rib profile with a net cover width of 700    mm.

• Saflok 700 has a unique clipping system, which combines both strength and agility to enable the material to expand and contract under normal circumstances with no damage to the material. The bends on the clip allows for flexibility while still providing sheer strength. The clip allows for positive interlocking on all flutes and interlock with each other allowing for easy alignment of the material.

• The fully interlocking Saflok 700 clip is to incorporate two anchors to clasp the two inner ribs and a dual action component to positively hold down the male-female joint.


2)       Installation processes:


The SAFLOK 700 clip incorporates a dual action component to positively hold down the male-female joint on every third rib, and an anchor to clasp the two inner ribs thus making it the only roofing with unique double interlocking system. Every rib is therefore secured, making it fully interlocking. It is essential that the male rib is directly engaged to the underside of the clip.

Patented and marked SAFLOK 700 clips shall be used to secure the sheet, fixed to purlins at spacing in accordance with Safintra’s installation procedures.  The clip shall be fixed with approved fasteners in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Cranking: SAFLOK 700 sheets may be cranked and bull-nosed but not reverse bull-nosed. Minimum radius is 750mm. On-site cranking is also available.


Curving: Natural springing occurs at 36m radius in the convex and 60m radius in the concave. It is important to reduce purlin spacing by 20% when spring curving a roof.


Rolling Straight onto roof: It is possible to roll form straight onto a roof using a scaffold ramp. A departure angle of 10° is the maximum allowed at any time. A greater angle would damage the sheet when leaving the mill and again when bending to settle onto the roof.


3)      Accessories:


a) Polyslider Clip: For higher wind velocities, Safintra recommends High Wind Load Clip.


This clip is designed to allow for expansion and contraction of up to 100 mm. The clips can be attached individually to the purlin.


Bearing in mind that polycarbonate sheeting has an expansion rate six times that of steel. It is therefore advisable to fix the sheet through these polyslider clips along with saddle washers.


b) Clip On Flashing Slider: A more cost effective method of attaching flashing is that the conventional sliding bracket, the Clip on Slider clips onto the rib of the profiled sheet in any position without the need for fasteners (therefore no piercing damage to the roof sheeting) and will slide an infinite linear distance without scratching the roof sheeting.


The entire Mahindra team found this training very informative & would like to have many such more sessions in future.