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One of the most significant developments in steel clad buildings was the inclusion of a steel liner to hold in place the insulation within a `warm roof` built-up system. Liners are screwed to the steel framing. Full-height liners run from floor to roof and attach at the top to the eave struts on the sidewalls and to the rake rafter on end walls.

Cost effectiveness, simplicity and ease of installation are the sound reasons for its popularity.

Safintra profile sheets – “Comax 1000 & Trimflute” (trapezoidal fluted sheets) can also be used as Liner & have been designed to match the cover widths of the external profiled sheets.

Safintra recommends the use of standard thickness 0.45/0.5mm for Roof/Wall systems but can extend up to 0.8mm. Safintra manufactures all liner sheets from AZ150 coil. Translucent sheets can also be supplied to match all Safintra liner sheets.

* Liners are also available as crimped, curved sections - giving huge flexibility of application to fit most requirements.

* A ribbed factory liner panel will provide a vapour barrier for a Roof/Wall system.

* Liners can also be perforated to allow sound transmission for acoustic applications.

Perforated Panels also allow under-eave ventilation and increase air flow capacity.



Liner panels serve two purposes. They enhance appearance, giving the interior a more finished look & also protect the insulation. Unreinforced insulation facings tear easily, and even the best reinforced materials can be damaged by sharp objects or power tools. Although exterior walls can withstand a lot of punishment, forklifts and other heavy equipment can dent or even puncture them. A steel liner that has been designed for your metal building will perform far better than plywood and usually cost much less than sheetrock walls, which will require their own framing.

Liner panels create a clean appearance. Soffit improves overall building appearances by concealing the truss or framing. It provides weather protection, prevents mould and rotting beams and offers an avenue for attic ventilation. 

Unlike traditional soffit panels, which must be cut to size on site, pre-cut soffit achieves all of the aforementioned benefits with reduced contractor labour expenses and thus increase efficiency.


  • Attractive multi ribbed profiles which are quick and easy to install.
  • Light weight and economical profiles which covers wide surface area.
  • Provides easy solution for false ceiling and wall partition.
  • Panels can be installed in horizontal as well as in vertical direction.


Safintra Liners are suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

Safintra’s liner panels are finished systems that leave no exposed edges and will include the necessary top trim, column trim, framed opening trim and walk door flashing for your application. We also offer optional framing kits for windows that are going to be set in walls with a liner. Our design allows you to place full or partial-height liners in one or both end walls. On sidewalls, you can place liners in any number of contiguous bays (you cannot skip a bay and start again).

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