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Safintra Metal Roofing and Wall Cladding Offer Energy Efficiency Possibilities



Metal offers fascinating possibilities for energy efficiency. Metal sheets with insulation beneath can be installed on roofs or walls, and in recent years have been in applications where new building codes are calling for R-values.


Higher energy costs and more stringent regulations have prompted engineers to explore a lot of options for cooling air with a metal building envelope. An interesting development worth noting is phase-changing material that absorbs heat during the day and releases it during the night time to help even out and balance a building`s temperature.


On A Cool Metal Roof – Solar Refractive Index (SRI):-


If building owners do not want to harvest heat, they can select a reflective metal roof. More than half of the sun`s energy is infrared, which is responsible for heat. Infrared-reflecting pigments in even dark colours of paint can reduce the amount of heat that a roof or wall would otherwise absorb.


Metal roofing does not really `create` heat, in fact many metal roof products exhibit excellent reflective properties, and many are listed with Energy Star. These cool roofs reflect a high percentage of the sun`s energy, resulting in a cooler surface temperature, and less heat that is transmitted into the building.


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