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Safintra’s Metal Retrofitting Roofing Offers Long-Term Savings Potential


Building owners who hesitate at the cost of a new metal roof or wall system ought to think hard about the long-term saving potential.


Although upfront costs could be usually higher than other roofing systems; a metal retrofit can last longer, depending on the substrate. That compares favourably with the typical conventional roof.


Retrofitting metal roofing has been around for many years, is being used on existing buildings and its capability is known, but it has gained popularity only in the last decade. One does not even have to tear off the existing roof in many cases.


It can still be difficult to get building owners to buy into the idea of life-cycle cost, although the overall economic benefits go beyond simple replacement expenses. In addition to long life, metal offers many design possibilities, can contribute to energy efficiency and needs very little maintenance.


Government projects prefer metal roofs because of their life-cycle costs. They do not sell their buildings and are in them for a very long time.


Commercial building owners, are sometimes more reluctant to make the investment, but many have found that they can retrofit a sloped metal roof over the old flat one, add insulation, save money on maintenance, and use painted metal roof as an aesthetic element to the building.


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