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Hotel BLURAY uses Trimflute Roofing Sheet by Safintra Roofing India

Continuing in its tradition of excellence, Sanfintra Roofing India provided roofing material for a hotel project i.e HOTEL BLURAY at Belgaum, Karnataka through our trader, Sumangal Traders.





Project Details:

Project: HOTEL BLURAY at Belgaum, Karnataka

Profile: Trimflute 1015 in Lagoon Blue

Channel partner: Sumangal Traders

Year: 2016


Project description:

  • The client wanted durability and also a trendy looking roofing and cladding system. Trimflute is used as roofing as well as a cladding profile in this project. It is a subtle square fluted screw-fix profile sheet. It is roll-formed with 6 trapezoidal ribs at 203 mm, centres with a net cover of 1015 mm. The rib height is 26.5 mm and can be fixed in accordance with Safintra Roofing India’s recommendations. It can be factory cranked, curve and bull nosed to a wild range of radii.


Features & Advantages of Trimflute:

  • The long flute gives Trimflute its strength with long spanning capabilities & ensures excellent drainage characteristics.
  • Durability – The subtle square fluted steel cladding will last for a long time, and it can withstand the effects of weather and time much better than other provisions on the market. It even offers the full benefits of the latest methods for modelling wind pressures, so its tensile strength allows you the liberty to experiment with roofing designs. Its impressive durability can save a lot of money because one can avoid the frequent turnover of materials.
  • The trendy look of Trimflute gives strength as well as adds to the aesthetics of this project. It is available in an attractive range of colours – and will look nice and attractive for an incredibly long time. It offers the dual advantage of beauty and durability.
  • Easy to install and repair – Safintra Roofing India provides instructions and step by step guidance on how to personally go about installation and repair of metal roof systems.
  • It is compatible with lead, copper, bare steel and green or chemically treated timbers, providing a structurally superior roofing system.
  • Maintenance is a breeze – All you really need to do is wash the external surfaces every now and then, and you can avoid corrosion and fraying. This is a great advantage if you are often busy and don’t really have the time to climb up your roof for washing.



Project Information:

Sector: Hotel industry| Product Use: Trimflute 1015 PPGL |Colour of Top sheet: Lagoon Blue| Location: Belgaum, Karnataka | Year: 2016