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Highlighting the advanced roofing systems for modern warehousing facilities

Roofing remains an important aspect of the construction industry. Today roofing systems are not just used for protecting the house from inclement weather but also to offer sustainable construction. For years, residential sector contributes to be the largest consumer of roofing products along with good market share and it has remained one of the major factors to drive the roofing sector growth. 


Today the time has changed! Apart from residential, increase in the development of commercial buildings, hotels, and malls are propelling the growth for roofing sector. According to a research report, the global roofing market has to grow CARG of 6.96 per cent during the period of 2016-20. The report also says that the green roofing trend is in more demand and is expected to enhance the growth as the green roofing helps the building save energy. 


Roofing is an integral part for warehouse. Therefore the growth of the roofing industry is directly proportional to the growth of warehouse sector. Here experts have spoken about the state-of-the-art roofing systems for modern warehousing facilities.


Safintra is a global brand for roofing and a member of Safal Group of companies. Since 2008, Safintra has presence with its manufacturing facilities in Maharashtra near Mumbai in India. It has global offerings for all modern and advance roofing solution including standing seam roofing and clip lock system.


“Standing seam and clip lock roofing products are latest technology for concealed roofing solution. Besides, we do have conventional roofing products which are traditionally a roofing solution with screw fixing mechanism. Standing seam roofing systems is an advanced roofing solution globally,” states Jawahar Lal Das, Chief Operating Officer, Safintra Roofing India Ltd.


Safintra has mobile roofing solution for standing seam roofing, For example any large installations if the roofing sheets are very long and cannot be transported on road, the machine can be sent to the site for the ease of installing longer length roofing sheets. Also its machines can produce curved and tapered roofing sheet to fit into any type of complex roofing requirement.


Safintra has successfully executed many projects of reputed customers like Mahindra & Mahindra, Ford Motors, Endress Hauser.


Safintra’s products are also flexible in terms of installation with technical feature enhancing the life of the product and ensure leak-proof roofing.


Safintra has value added solutions such as roof-on application for solar system to install. These clamps and fixtures are compatible to Safintra profile from the world-class manufactures in USA. Safintra has tie-ups to introduce such capabilities.


With the increase in new development in the constructions industry for example warehousing and storage facilities are in the rise - such larger installation has various challenges which Safintra India can offer right kind of advance roofing solutions. Furthermore, the government is mandating industries to avoid the use of asbestos roofing for its potential health hazards. Alternative product such as metal roofing is gaining its popularity and Safintra has its advantage to offer variety of metal roofing solutions under the brand of Safintra.


While speaking about the offerings in this segment Das says, “Safintra is introducing its standing seam product called SAFZIP 400 and also clip lock  product as SAFLOK 700 as an appropriate sustainable roofing solution for this segment of modern roofing.”


Source: Ace Update Magazine, April 2016