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Safzip roofing from Safintra

Safintra has successfully completed various projects with Safzip standing seam roofing system as it provides smooth curved shed. With our expertise, advance technology and hands-on experience in executing curvy, water proof standing seam system, we can deliver quality architectural solutions to you at the most cost effective rates.

For one of our prestigious client’s ultra-modern project at Peddem stadium, Goa, 0.8mm Aluminium Safzip Curved sheet was used. This single roofing sheet had a curved radius of 94,555mm and an arc length of 77,860 meter.

Safzip standing seam roofing system is a preferred choice for roofing solution as it is leak proof, can be rolled onsite and offers flexibility in constructing a curved or tapered roof. It not only enhances architectural design but also provides a protective cover.