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A wonderful project by Serene Developers for Safintra Roofing India

Safintra Roofing India has been carrying out successful projects in India ever since its inception. We are glad to announce the inauguration of one of our successfully executed projects in Pune by our channel partner Poonam Roofing. Project Serene Developers in Pune have constructed a wonderful building matching international standards.




The material used for this project is Bare Galvalume /0.47mm. The roofing used is our most popular Saflok -  1436 Sq.m. (7.375 MT) and Trimflute – 1187 sq.m. (5.253MT)




Executed in the year 2013/14, this building stands amidst the streets of Pune. This project gives an insight into the quality and effort that goes in our Roofing. Safintra strives to accomplish many more such projects. We take pride in serving our clients the most wonderful roofing systems according to their varied requirements.

If you want a similar roofing system installed, please feel free to contact us through our website. Our team will assist you and we shall construct beautiful buildings for you.