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Safintra gets a great response at the Big 5 Construct India


Safintra participated in the Big 5 Construct India 2015 and got a terrific response. Exhibitions always give you a chance to meet people from all different business segments and form new business relationships, and we were no exception. We had a great time meeting prospective clients and forming new deals at our stall at the Big 5.

Lot of people visited our stall and our representatives at the stall helped them to know all they wanted to about our products. We also suggested the roofing products that would go with their requirements. Business cards were exchanged and contacts were shared. Our prospective clients got a very good idea regarding our products as we put up the samples for showcase so as to give a clear idea to our customers about the look and the feel of the roofing.


The more number of footfalls we got the more enthusiasm our representatives showed and made the exhibition a grand success. Safintra gave good competition to stalls from around the world as we handed out the leaflets to the wonderful audience who took keen interest to understand all the products that we had to offer.  

Safintra witnessed a very good response even from the existing clientele. The Big 5 Construct India was a very good opportunity to meet clients as well as constructors and builders.