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Comax 1000

Roofing is one of the most important aspects to be considered while having your house constructed. Your house needs to be protected from all the weather conditions and also from the factors it is subjected to. We at Safintra understand this and hence offer you the best roofing especially for this purpose. We offer you Comax 1000 which is a very good quality roof which withstands weather conditions and also remains in the best form for a long time.

We offer Comax 1000 which is an angular trapezoidal fluted roofing sheet. It has a bold appearance making it both attractive and practical. Comax 1000 has become the most popular sheeting used in the construction of commercial and industrial buildings. The number ‘1000’ in these roofs signify the sheets’ effective cover width. The general shape and appearance of the trapezoidal flutes ensure that Comax 1000 is great for use as roof and wall cladding. The deep and broad flutes of Comax 1000 type sheeting ensure excellent drainage characteristics.

Besides, Comax 1000 is designed and manufactured to provide the most advantageous load as well as span characteristics. Comax 1000 offers the end user stiffening ribs in the sheet which help to remove oil canning from the broad flute.

Comax 1000 can be cranked and customized to suit your needs.  Our expert team will offer you suggestion and details for your Roofing. Get Comax 1000 for your next construction or housing projects and you are sure to not regret it as our products are a hit with acclaimed engineers and construction people.