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Safzip roofing

Roofing is a very important aspect of construction. As a result it is important to make sure that the roofing on your home or your office is weather proof and also strong and sturdy. It needs to be made with quality materials and should be malleable as well so that it can be fixed easily while being installed. We at Safintra have the perfect fit for you for this requirement, which will not only make the roofing look good but also withstand the adverse weather conditions. Now get the Safzip Self Supported conceal halter standing seam roofing system.

Safzip offers a perfect system solution with a very flexible design potential, state of the art production technology and the best product quality. With harmonious integration of shape, colours and surfaces, Safzip is an advanced zip-up` standing seam system that creates a continuous weather tight roof. It has side laps which are zipped up in conjunction with a unique halter system that is fixed directly to the supporting structure without penetrating the external weather sheet. This ensures a great look while also proving resistance to wind uplift.  

One of the highlights of the Safzip roofing system is that it can be manufactured on site as per the requirements of the different clients.As a resultof this the need for any end laps is eliminated and this considerably increases the speed of construction. Safzip is available in Aluminium, Galvanized and Galvalume materials. You can even opt for the shape as per your requirement- which can be smooth, crimped, concave-curved and tapered or even wave formed.