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Louvre from Safintra

Home to the famous and beautiful painting Mona Lisa, the Louvre is one of the world`s largest museums and a historic monument in Paris. Interestingly, ‘Louvre’ means a framed opening, with angled slats fixed or hung at regular intervals to allow air or light to pass through. These are reminiscent of the old architecture found in French colonies, making this wonderful museum aptly named.

We at Safintra Roofing manufacture and supply Louvre’s as per your requirement. We customize these according to your request, though the standard dimensions of the Louvre’s produced by Safintra Roofing are 2.5 x 1.2 meters. We manufacture Louvre’s with the best quality materials which are made from either 0.50 mm Pre Painted Galvalume with AZ150 coating, or 0.50 mm Pre Painted Galvanised Iron with Z120 coating.

We have the best design for Louvre’s which are easy to install. The sleek design ensures they look elegant. We customize the shapes and size according to your needs so that you can get one that blends in to your interior. Our Louvre’s are sturdy and strong and would stand the test of time, just like the eminent Louvre museum. We also provide these in the colours of your choice.

Order one today and you won’t ever regret it.