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Get quality Galvalume sheets at Safintra

What is it that makes your roofing sheets withstand the adverse conditions they are subjected to? The magic elements Aluminium and Zinc! However, these are often adulterated with impurities and some other elements too, which don’t have the same characteristics as these pure elements required for protecting the roofing sheets from damage. As a result, the roofing sheets wouldn’t last long.

The good news is, Safintra roofing has introduced the Galvalume Sheets which are made of a quality material that ensures that you get value for money for your roofing sheets. Once you get our Galvalume Sheets, you can rest assured and not worry about your sheet getting damaged as we use the purest form of Aluminium and Zinc.

Still unsure? Perform this test.

  • Take a sample of 0.5 mm Al-Zn Coated Safintra material and a sample of 0.5 mm Al-Zn Coated local material.
  • Using an ‘Elcometer’ check the thickness of Galvalume and paint above base metal. This Elcometer has a thickness Gauge meter.
  • Fix the Elcometer with its measuring tail and set the reading to Zero.
  • Use the Shining metal to fix the Elcometer to zero. This shows that the metal has zero coated thickness above its base metal.
  • Now check the local materials thickness using the same method.
  • Similarly check the back coat of both the samples using the same method.

The observation is as follows:

  • For the local sample the readings are in the range of 20 to 30 micron above the base metal.
  • While for Safintra’s sample the coated thickness above the base metal is in the range of 60 to 80 micron.
  • The back coat thickness of local material is in the range of 12 - 20 micron
  • While the back coat of Safintra`s material is in the range of 50 to 70 micron above base metal

So what are you waiting for? Get Safintra Galvalume roofing sheets, which stand erect, be hail or storm.