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Palm water resort roofed using Versatile Roofing Sheet

Palm water resort - located in Kalyan chose Safintra Roofing for providing it with an indispensable roofing solution for covering their resort 

Safintra Roofing used Versatile, a tile shaped roofing sheet giving the look of traditional Mangalore tiles made from Pre Painted Galvanized Iron  for the construction of this project. The Versatile sheets were used to meet the architectural specifications and create an attractive roof to meet the artistic requirements of the resort. The tile shape of versatile roofing sheet permits excellent drainage characteristics and the longer length of the sheet reduces the possibility of leakage increasing the strength and durability of the roof.

Here, customized rolled formed ridge cap were also used to eliminate possibility of leakages and increase the aesthetic value of the roof, thus making it ideal for residential roofing. The ridge cap is one of the unique accessories that Safintra Roofing provides to its clients

The Versatile roofing sheets and ridge cap used was roll formed at the Safintra Factory and sent to the construction site for installation. The maximum length of the sheet produced and used in this project was 8 meters.  

Safintra India’s dedication and skills of swift production enabled the completion of this project within the stipulated time.

Project Information:

Sector: Hospitality Sector | Product Use: Versatile, PPGI (0.50) |Color of Top sheet: Lagoon Blue| Location: Kalyan, Maharashtra | Year: 2013